5 Reasons Why Clickfunnels has the BEST Affiliate Program

1. 40% LIFETIME Commission

Getting paid once is great; but getting paid forever – well that’s FANTASTIC. If you are looking for passive income sources, Clickfunnels delivers with an amazing deal. This is great because as long as your referrals stay members you get 40%!

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2. Dream Car Giveaway

Get 100 Active Members and Clickfunnels will pay for your dream car!

One amazing feature of the affiliate program is that once you have enrolled 100 people, Clickfunnels will cover the cost of your dream car! (Up to $500/Month) Once you hit 200, that number jumps to $1000/month ON TOP of your recurring monthly payments.

Some of the eligible cars include:

  • Alfa Romeo – Any Model
  • Aston Martin – Any Model
  • Audi – Any Model (except “A” models)
  • Bentley – Any Model
  • BMW – Any Model
  • Cadillac – Any Model
  • Chevrolet – Camaro or Corvette
  • Dodge – Viper
  • Ford – GT or Mustang
  • Infiniti – Any Model
  • Jaguar – Any Model
  • Lexus – Any Model
  • Maserati – Any Model
  • Nissan – 370Z Roadster or GT-R
  • Porsche – Any Model
  • Tesla – Any Model
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3. “Sticky” Cookies

No, we’re not talking about cookies you can eat. These are tracking cookies that attach to anyone that visits your referral links. So no need to worry if they don’t sign up right away.

4. TONS of Products to Promote

Now, you may be worried that you’ll be pigeon-holed into promoting a single product. But that’s the beauty of Clickfunnels – there’s so much more to it. You can be promoting books, courses, full packages and everything in-between. Check out the link below to learn more about the Clickfunnels Affiliate program.

5. Easy to Start

You don’t need a multi-million dollar budget to begin promting Clickfunnels. You just need yourself, a computer, and a will to succeed. Many people have found success in their first 100 days and have turned it into their full-time careers. Click the button below to get started and begin your FREE affiliate training and start earning!

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