What you need to know if you are struggling with ClickFunnels

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Feeling lost with ClickFunnels? Struggling with integration with your other software?

Table Of Contents

  • What is ClickFunnels
    • What does ClickFunnels offer?
  • Funnel Builder Secrets – The Secret Funnel Strategy
  • Funnel Builder Secrets – LadyBoss
  • One Funnel Away Challenge
    • What you will learn
  • Conclusion

Hi there, my name is Ian and in this article, you will learn about the top ClickFunnels courses out there. 

I started my journey with funnels with a sharefunnel and affiliate marketing. I was not sold yet but decided to read the DotCom Secrets, a free book written by Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels. This book was a recommended offer we should put on our thank you page after they have joined our list. Since I want to know what I recommend, I had to read the book first. 

In DotCom Secrets I learned about funnels and offer creations. I was hooked and this was fantastic information about marketing. Later I have read his other books, watched videos, done courses and listen to his podcast to learn more about marketing. 

This was my short story about why I recommend all entrepreneurs to use ClickFunnels and funnels. 

What is ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a page editor and funnel creator where you can create pages and set them after each other. So you lead your visitor a specific path instead of a traditional website where there are multiple ways your audience can click. 

As Russell Brunson says, a confused mind will always say no. So if your visitor is confused when visiting your website, they will probably click away. 

With a funnel, like them you can create inside ClickFunnels, your visitors will not be confused if you do it correctly. An optimal funnel will only give your visitor two choices. Yes to your offer or a no. 

What does ClickFunnels offer?

Here are the main features you will get with ClickFunnels:

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Order forms
  • One-click upsells
  • Order bumps
  • Smart segmentation
  • Member pages
  • Actionetics: A add-on module that handles autoresponders, Facebook messenger bots, website push notifications, and even snail mails. 
  • Backpack: A add-on module that handles your affiliate program. 

Here are some of ClickFunnel’s best benefits:

  • Pre-made funnels: When you are new to funnels, you want to use the pre-made templates. This is tested templates made by professionals and all you need to do is to do the copywriting. You will find templates for every need, from collecting leads, sales funnels, webinar funnels, and membership funnels to mention a few of them. You will find a template for every need inside ClickFunnels.
  • A/B split testing: Every page in your funnel can be A/B split tested easily where you create variations. You collect the data and chose the one that performs the best. ClickFunnels will give you the suggestion based on the data and you do the final decision. 
  • Accept payments: ClickFunnels is made for eCommerce and sales funnels, so you are able to collect payments through multiple payments gateways. ClickFunnels recommend Stripe, but there are several you can use. You can read more here.
  • 3rd party integrations: ClickFunnels integrates easily with the most popular software out there. This can be autoresponders or other marketing tools. You can get a full overview by clicking here

Funnel Builder Secrets – The Secret Funnel Strategy

This is a presentation from Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, where he teaches you: 

“How To Instantly Outspend Your Competitors And Ethically Steal ALL Potential Customers In Your Market…” 

This is a presentation he held in 10X Growth Conference where he is teaching how to grow your business 10X times, even if you are new. 

Funnel Builder Secrets – LadyBoss

This is a presentation by Kaelin Poulin, aka Ladyboss, where she is telling the story behind her success. 

She was a broke entrepreneur with zero tech experience, with no product and launched her first funnel. Then, she changed the lives of 1.3 million women in less than 3 years. 

One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge is a challenge made by ClickFunnels where you will learn how to research, create a funnel and get people to your offer in 30 days. This is a new challenge from ClickFunnels, but have taught several people to success and is highly recommended by everyone that has gone through the challenge. 

What you will learn

The challenge is based on 4 weeks with daily teaching by Russell Brunson and the coaches Steve Larsen and Julie Stoian.

Here is a very short summary of what you will learn: 

  • Pre-Training: The mindset
  • Week 1: Offer hacking and offer creations
  • Week 2: Publishing and how to tell stories that sell 
  • Week 3: Create your funnel
  • Week 4: How to get people to your offer. 


In conclusion, ClickFunnels is an easy software to use; however, if you are new to funnels and offer creations, you need some training to understand the why and how. 

All these courses will teach you why you need funnels and how to create them. 

You can start with the Funnel Builder Secrets presentations, you can watch both of them or just one of them. Both The Secret Funnel Strategy and LadyBoss are free to access. 

If you are still unsure if this is something for you, you can join The One Funnel Away Challenge.

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